Anonymous: I'm fine, too. Thanks! There's no need to wonder about me though, I'm no more than an old friend who remembers our fun moments every now and then :)

Hm i really don’t know who you are. I would like to know cauze you look after me obviously. Thank you xx

Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time?
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Anonymous: Hi lovely, how are you? How's life? I just saw you for a brief moment today and it got me wondering :) x

I’m fine still breathing, enjoying the moments im happy. Thank you for asking. Are you okey?Wonder who you are. X

I just want you to put effort in it. I want you to fight for it! I dont want it to go this way, just dont let it happen. Remember i didnt walk away. You just let me go


aint dat the truth


❇ a lost wanderer ❇

❇ a lost wanderer ❇